Higher Education

IRCCI has already helped Periyar Maniyammai University, Tanjore to sign partnership engagements with Russian universities.


Both Russia and India are geared towards enhancing their manufacturing capabilities to augment their production and technology skills.

Arts & Culture

Both countries are rich in their language, arts and culture. Taking the relationship between both countries to a higher level

Group Tours & Travels

Russia is a vast country and has many hidden tourists destinations. Being a country with 11 time zones, Russia has tourist attraction all through the year.

ICT & Knowledge Industry

The emerging economy of Russia makes a perfect destination for Indian companies eager to target the future technology space.

Space Museum Education

Russia is the pioneer in Space Research & Exploration. The friendship and partnership between both countries can never be contained in simple words.

Export & Import

The largest country in terms of geography and the largest country in terms of population makes it the ideal pair for export and import opportunities between both countries.

Research & Development

Russian technology advancement in Science and Technology is well respected and especially they have travelled leaps and bound in Military

Healthcare & Hospitals

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