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Indo Russian Chamber of Commerce is the most active as well the earliest chamber that made its mark in facilitating business and cultural exchange programs between India and Russia. Formed in 1993, IRCCI completes memorable 25 years with many successful business exchange programs.

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  • 18th Russian Dance Festival in January 2019 across Chennai, Coimbatore, Nagercoil and Madurai
  • Trade Representative for India…… visited IRCCI in January date 2019
  • Ambassodor to India Mr…… was fecilitated in IRCCI office
  • MoU signed with Mr.Viktor of Russian Space Agency in August 2018
  • Signing of working arrangement between kaluga and IRCCI
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Reviving the ties in the Russia cooperation in terms of offering Russian Language Teaching, Popularizing and training the “Ballet” dance, through Russian Cultural festivals organized in different locations, to begin with one in Chennai. Co-operate with India in facilitating Indian Students in pursuing their higher education since our full infrastructure is not completely explored by both Countries